Corporate Juicing

Corporate Juicing is on the rise and it has been that way for quite some time. Read more about trending companies profiting with healthy employees and a Corporate Juicing Program…

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corporate juicing

Corporate Juicing

Corporate Juicing Takes America By Storm!

Gone are the days of hovering over the water cooler. Corporate juicing has taken over has a healthy opportunity to get employees excited about their careers. Companies take note that healthy employees are more productive employees.

That’s why many corporations have implemented organic juicing into their culture. Juicing has outpaced coffee, soda, and even water as the liquid drink of choice. Corporate juicing has become so popular that many companies forgo fridges full of soda and water for juicing bars at the company cafeteria or lounge.

The Group Cleanse

No it’s not cleaning house, but strengthening ties in the office that makes corporate juicing so popular. It’s called a “group cleanse.” When several workers or a department gets together to share their favorite juice cocktail. It’s catching on in major cities as the best way to brainstorm ideas and build energy throughout the day.

In fact, according to The New York Times, these group cleanses have become the mode to build corporate bonds “on both Seventh Ave. and Wall Street.” The group cleanse puts a whole new meaning to “happy hour.” Liquid cleanses have changed corporate structure as well as attitudes toward eating and snacking at work. They eliminate the sugar high of caffeinated drinks for healthy shakes and juice mixes that can be made right at the office. And if you forget your favorite juice from home, no need to fret. Your company juice outlet has what you need to get your day started. There are several benefits to juicing that should make you seriously consider adding it to your complementary or a la carte options.

Corporate Juicing


Employees who juice are more alert than their counterparts. They are ready to go throughout the day because they have the essential ingredients their brain needs to stay active on the job. They will be able to complete their tasks with focus and full attention. This will increase your productivity and reduce the cost of avoidable mistakes from more alert members.

Healthy to Work

Employees who take part in corporate juicing are supercharged with concentrated phytochemcials. These raw juice ingredients carry energy agents to keep the body strong. They work during those times of the year when colds and flu seem to be rampant. Juicing, combined with healthy exercise and sanitation, can help stimulate the immune health of workers. This can also help reduce the amount of sick time employees use during adverse times of year. Especially when you have those quarterly projects due.

Weight Loss

Juicing can also support efforts to lose weight. Proper diet and liquid supplements can help employees reach their personal weight and body mass goals. This in turn can help your employee benefits dollars stretch further by having more health-conscious employees. It can also help prevent reported injuries and workman’s compensation.

Your Business Should Start Now

There are so many reasons to implement a corporate juicing program for your business. Not only for the health and safety benefits of your employees but also for the mentality of your business. You can start a healthy corporate juicing campaign with Juicing Organics today.

Corporate Juicing